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Young Wallander Season 1 Ending Explained: What happens with Gustav & Karl-Axel?


Young Wallander Season 1 Ending: Everything you should know!

Young Wallender is a crime drama streaming television series based on Henning Mankel’s fictional Inspector Kurt Wallender. The series premiered on Netflix on September 3, 2020.

Poulson pointed out that pre-imagining makes more sense than a straight prequel because it allows for social commentary which is a stronger element. Mankel’s original Wallander. This choice of setting the series in modern times has been criticized in several reviews.

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In November 2020, the series was renewed for a second season which premiered on Netflix on February 17, 2022, and was subtitled Killer Shadows.

Young Wallander Season 1 Ending Explained: What happens with Amelia?

Amelia is a lawyer working with Wallender’s boyfriend, Mona, and the daughter of the Attorney General, who was the defense attorney for the Fazer brothers after Moberg’s death.


Another suspect turns out to be Peterson, a former soldier whom Reza suspects to be the driver of the automobile that killed Elias. The two met while recovering from PTSD at Mia’s father-funded program. Mia asks for Peterson’s help, but she makes matters worse by going too far.

In a flat, a man draws intricate drawings before getting ready for the night. He meets his friend at the club and they discuss a transaction that is about to happen. Begins a fight with fellow bouncers, the man inflicts a blow on Anton in the nose.

Outside, he meets a young woman, Katja, with whom he walks to get coffee. However, a vehicle follows them in a small alley; Anton drives Katja out of the way but is crushed and promptly murdered.

That night, Katja met the victim Anton, who had borrowed a cigarette from her. The two plan to have a drink and walk down a narrow street to a club. It was then that a speeding car rammed over Anton and pushed Katja aside and saved her life.

As it was dark, she could not identify the killer, but she remembered the car he was driving. It was an old, dark-colored sedan. The tech team was able to retrieve the victim’s phone and was able to collect some vital information.

The victim’s name was Anton Nyberg. He was born in 1997, was unmarried and lived on Kalyan. He gives Kurt his address, and he heads to the victim’s location to find a man who was also looking for Anton.

Realizing that Kurt was a policeman, the man fled. Matters became more complicated when the ministry revealed Anton’s true identity. Anton was living under a fictitious identity; His real name was Elias Fagar.

To discredit the philanthropic work of his younger brother Gustav, who had started a charitable foundation for Sweden’s homeless and asylum-seeking population.

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His father went against family tradition and changed his will so that Gustav would inherit the vast wealth of the family instead of his older brother. Karl-Axel sought to exploit racial tensions in Malm√∂ to encourage opposition to Gustav’s pro-immigrant work,

Inciting Gustav to attack his opponents, leading to poor publicity and thus to the family’s company. The share price declined. He wanted to undermine Gustav in the eyes of his father,

And the shareholders so that they would reverse the succession plan to remove him from power so that the money would go to him. Most of these six episodes are about uncovering the connection between Ilyas, Soren, Katja and whoever would be willing to kill them.

As Wallander, Rusk and Reza officially investigate, Soren begins to make inquiries of his own. It all traces back to Teacher Moberg, who is exposed as a pedophile through one of his victims, Alexia.

He abused girls on his swim team, and thanks to letters discovered in Elias’ apartment that thank him for helping “save his life”, it seems clear that he is one of Moberg’s victims. relationship with one. Thus, it becomes a matter of uncovering who the fellow victim was.

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