movieAgainst The Ice Ending Explained: Did they make it...

Against The Ice Ending Explained: Did they make it alive?


Against The Ice Ending: Everything you should know!

Against the Ice is a 2022 historical survival film based on the true story narrated by Agner Mikkelsen in To Against the Ice, directed by Peter Flinth and written by Nikolaj Koster-Waldau and Joe Derrick. It starred Coster-Waldau, Joe Cole, Charles Dance, and Heida Reed.

The film has been shot in Iceland and Greenland. Against the Ice premiered at the 72nd Berlin International Film Festival on February 15, 2022. It was released on Netflix on March 2, 2022, and received mixed reviews from critics.

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Against The Ice Summary!

Two men must fight to survive, searching the vast landscape of Greenland for a lost map. Based on the true story of Denmark’s 1909 polar expedition.

Against The Ice Ending Explained: Are they Alive or Dead?

The return journey at the end of Against the Ice is more difficult, dotted with unexpected pitfalls. The two lose the remaining dogs after an encounter with a polar bear. Mickelson set fire to the rest of the sled and continued on foot.


However, even Mikkelsen considers leaving at some point. He builds a cairn similar to that of Mileius-and Erichsen and places letters and maps there. Despite their initial pessimism, they feel compelled to fight back and return to base.

It was Christmas Eve 1909 when the crew of the Alabama ship raised a toast in honor of the explorers who gave their lives in search of the last unknown parts of the world.

At the shipyard of Egner Mikkelsen, G.H. Jorgensen, Wilhelm Laub, Hans P. Olsen, Georg Poulsen, Karl Unger, and the young Ivar Iverson, who joined the crew in Reykjavik. Iverson’s name was not on the original crew list.

After much travel issues, they arrive in Cairn to find that Greenland is a continuous continent and that the US claim for the so-called Pirie Island is invalid – all land belongs to Denmark. Excited by the outcome, Mickelson and Iverson embark on an equally painful journey on their ship.

On the way, fearing their own death, they build their cairn and hide all the evidence inside it. Returning to their ship after their expedition, Agner and Ivar find that the rest of their crew has long gone back home to Denmark,

Leaving behind them two huts made of the ship’s body and all their unused supplies. Little do they know that these tiny improvised huts become their home for the next few years when on many occasions luck does not favor them.

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During their isolation, for the last time, their hut was attacked by a polar. Bear. At that time, it seemed that everything was ruined for them as they did not even have rifles.

But he is eventually rescued by a rescue team specially sent for him and brought back to the mainland to be honed safely. He also told Iverson that no one was waiting for him and that he traveled to the light for expeditions, without all that attached emotion.

But, really, the fact that he had left Naja to go on expeditions bothered him every single day. To reconnect with him, Mickelson, along with Iverson, take to the stage to base their new hero status.

The end credits reveal that Mikkelsen and Naja married a year later and dedicated their lives to Greenland, Iverson never set foot in the Arctic again, and Mikkelsen and Iverson remained friends for life.

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