AnimeHas Netflix Renewed Kataro Lives Alone for Season 2?

Has Netflix Renewed Kataro Lives Alone for Season 2?


Kataro Lives Alone Season 2: Everything you should know!

Kotaro Lives Alone (Japanese: 1 , Hepburn: Kotaro wa Hitori Gurashi) is a Japanese manga series written and illustrated by Mami Tsumura. It has been serialized in Shogakukan’s seinen manga magazine Big Comic Superior since March 2015.

A ten-episode television drama aired on TV Asahi in 2021. The ten-episode Netflix original Net Animation (ONA) anime series by Leiden Films premiered worldwide. March 2022.

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Kataro Lives Alone Season 2 Renewal Status!

The Season 1 finale aired recently and fans reacted with a heavy heart to it, just the feeling of a show ends. However, there is no official confirmation whether we will get to see Kotaro Lives Alone Season 2 or not.

Unless stated ahead of time, it is not very often that anime on Netflix are renewed within the first few weeks, sometimes even months, of their release.


Kataro Lives Alone Summary

Shin Karino is an unpopular manga writer and is single. He lives in an apartment complex where children are forbidden. One day, Shin Karino’s doorbell rings. When he opens the door to his apartment, he sees a little boy.

The boy is 5 years old Kotaro Sato. Kotaro tells Sato Shin Karino that he has moved to the neighborhood. Shin Karino smiles because he knows the rules of his apartment complex.

Kotaro Sato says that he lives alone. At first, Shin Karino is angry with Kotaro Sato, but the residents of the apartment complex, including Shin Karino, begin to take a liking to Kotaro Sato.

Kataro Lives Alone Season 2 Release Date Updates!

If the anime mimics the popularity of the manga, there’s enough material for a second adaptation, so we’ll likely get an announcement during this year, with the season potentially airing in 2023 or 2024. If Netflix does renew the series, it won’t be available at best until early 2023.

Kataro Lives Alone Season 2 Cast Updates

Maika Yamamoto (Mizuki Akimoto),
Eto Kawahara (Kotaru Sato)
Yo Yokoyama (Shin Karino)
Ken Mitsushi (Makio Suzuno)
Daigo Nishihata (Kisuke Hanawa)
Katsuhisa Namase (Isamu Tamaru)
Natsuki Deguchi (Natsuki Deguchi)
Koji Ohkura (Ippi Fukuno)
Rei Minamura (Asako Oka)
Mahiru Kono (Sayori Wamiya)
Kanako Momota (Ayano Kobayashi)
Junkie Tozuka (Raymu Yano)
Rin Takanashi (Akane Nitta)
Shataro Mamiya (Manabu Aota)
Ken’ichi Takitô (Kotaro’s father)
and Bengal (Shin’s uncle).

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Kataro Lives Alone Season 1 Recap

He is often seen cooking his own food and even taking care of himself in the apartment. And the reason he spoke was that he learned to speak by watching a cartoon about a samurai, which he used to watch and often watch when he was bored and left alone.

Carino counters all of Kotaro’s antics and goes the extra mile for him. He takes her responsibility and accompanies her to make sure she is safe. He attends every single function organized in kindergarten as well as parent-teacher meetings.

He tries to be there and is excited for Kotaro whenever possible. Kotaro is sad when one day, Carino doesn’t remember the kindergarten showcase, and he loses his enthusiasm for performances and is bubbling through lines.

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