movieSpeed 2: Cruise Control Movie Review & Recap!

Speed 2: Cruise Control Movie Review & Recap!


Speed 2: Cruise Control: Everything you should know!

Speed ​​2: Cruise Control is a 1997 American action thriller film produced and directed by Jane De Bont, and written by Randall McCormick and Jeff Nathanson. It is the sequel to Speed ​​(1994) and stars Sandra Bullock, Jason Patrick, and Willem Dafoe.

Cruise Control tells the story of Annie (Bull) and Alex (Patrick), a couple who go on vacation in the Caribbean on a luxury cruise ship, who are kidnapped by a villain named Geiger (Dafoe).

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As they are trapped on the ship, Annie and Alex try to stop it after working with the ship’s first officer, when they learn that it is programmed to crash into an oil tanker.

Speed 2: Cruise Control Summary!

Annie (Sandra Bullock) is waiting for a Caribbean cruise with her cop boyfriend, Alex (Jason Patrick), who bought tickets for lying about working on the SWAT team. Their journey turns dangerous, however,


When an explosion disables the ship’s communication system and it becomes clear that the ship is under someone else’s control. Alex and Annie must fight for survival as they learn that John Geiger, a paranoid traveler, is behind the chaos.

Speed 2 Cruise Control Review: Does it requires part 3?

The basic premise of the sequel alone has been widely ridiculed, and it’s easy to see why. Instead of taking the place on a fast-moving bus, we now have a much smaller fast cruise ship as our main setting.

For many, this disregarded the meaning of the word “speed”. While I can’t completely disagree with the sentiment, I personally had no problems with the setup. The idea of ​​a cruise ship is the main setting.

This is a great setting for an action movie in general, offering a lot of possibilities to play out different scenarios. And the film manages to do a lot of creative things with its setting.

One of the most frequent accusations leveled against the film is that Sandra Bullock’s character, Annie, is better off being relegated to the role of the passive hostage, while her boyfriend, played by Jason Patrick, becomes the protagonist.

The ship is of course supplied with a cross-section of distinctive passengers, which in addition to diamond dealers include a rough-and-tumble group and a deaf girl who gets stuck in an elevator and doesn’t have an abandon-ship alarm can hear.

The captain is thrown overboard early in the film after Geyser explains his complaint. But it’s not quite right to say that he is. The script by John Geiger takes Annie hostage because she, the film’s heroine, can clash face-to-face with her villain – and overcome him.

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With Reeves out of the picture, Jason Patrick was brought in as a new half for Annie, Special Weapons and Tactics cop Alex Shaw. Willem Dafoe was cast as the boat-obsessed villain.

Fox, clearly thinking it had a sure-fire on its hands, earmarked nearly $100m for Speed ​​2’s budget, and filming began in September 1996. It’s worth stopping here to mention that Jan de Bont was a stickler for realism,

And seemed eager to put his actors through all kinds of rigors to capture that realism on camera. In Twister, for example, leads Helen Hunt and Bill Paxton was temporarily blinded by excessively intense electronic lights.

The actors even had to get injections to avoid hepatitis after spending hours in a soggy abyss. Hunt banged his head several times under a wooden bridge and hit his skull again during a stunt involving a moving vehicle.

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