movieThe Long Walk Movie Review & Recap!

The Long Walk Movie Review & Recap!


The Long Walk Movie: Everything you should know!

The Long Walk is a 2019 Laotian drama film directed by Matty Do. It premiered at the Giornet Degli Autori section of the 76th Venice International Film Festival. It was also screened in the Contemporary World Cinema section at the 2019 Toronto International Film Festival.

The Long Walk Summary: What happens in the movie?

“The Long Walk” starts out as a story that’s very hard to pin down. Filmed in Laos, directed by American-born director Matty Doe of Laotian extraction, from a script by Christopher Larson, it is set in a Laos village surrounded by woodland.

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In those woods, an unnamed old man cleans wires, drops tech detritus, and so on. As he descends the dirt road dividing the woodland we see a modern cityscape on the horizon. But the film never gets there.

The Long Walk Review: What’s up with the ending?

The film takes place in a near-future where the government injects everyone with a surveillance chip, but the plot of another world is based on accurate characterization. Chanthalungsi is astonishing in its portrayal of a man who is so haunted by the regret that his humanity slowly wears away.


Excited by his newfound ability to travel back in time to influence the process of his mother’s passing into the next birth, he is unaware of how dire the consequences of his intervention are The patient characterization of the Old Man reflects how the film slowly unfolds.

At first, Doe and Larson present him as a cipher, and his behavior seems bizarre and enigmatic. Once The Long Walk introduces its time-travel component, its inspirations begin to come to mind.

When an old boy, his mother died of a painful lung disease, and his father left the family farm to go to work in the capital. Seeing his mother suffer in his final days radicalized the old man,

And inspired him to provide assisted-suicide services for women in the village, although it is not inconclusively clear whether the women he would have died of peaceful death. leads, they did indeed ask for his help.

Subsequent journeys through the Time Portal reshape and redefine his actions, and a fiery climax forces him to live, or more accurately, life with life. I believe he was hallucinating and saw the Major as an enemy on his way.

When Major reached to touch his shoulder, Garatti must have suddenly felt more competitive or, in his hallucinatory state, thought that another Walker was trying to intervene and ran to escape. Maybe he wanted to use his last ounce of strength to actually win the Walk,

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Considering the Major as another competitor. Perhaps, even during the hallucinations, Garatty felt that he had finally broken free from the walk and ran to “get away” from the devious society that created the walk in the first place, or perhaps just the walk itself.

There’s probably more symbolism involved, but I haven’t thought of that yet. The third big element in the Long Walk is time travel. There are traditional flashbacks, which show us that the boy lives with his mother and father as the old man’s house.

They’re farmers, struggling to reach a world where an American company swoops in to provide aid in the form of solar panels, not the tractor they desperately need.

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