movieUltrasound Movie Review: Is it worth the watch?

Ultrasound Movie Review: Is it worth the watch?


Ultrasound Review: Everything you should know!

Ultrasound is a 2021 American science fiction film directed and produced by Rob Schroeder. It is based on the comic book “Generus Bossum” by Conor Steichschulte.

It stars Vincent Kartisar, Chelsea Lopez, Breeda Wool, Tunde Adebimpé, Renee Kweli, Chris Gartin, and Bob Stephenson. The plot follows a man’s sexual encounter with a married woman that results in his sanctity being questioned.

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The film premiered at the Tribeca Film Festival on June 15, 2021, and was released in the United States on March 11, 2022, by Magnet Releasing. It received generally positive reviews from critics.

Ultrasound Review & Movie Recap!

This is one of those movies that, despite successfully managing to keep you in the dark for a large part of its runtime, still doesn’t generate much intrigue. The question of what’s actually happening here hovers over the proceedings,


It looks like it’s trying to do eXistenZ but with hypnosis instead of VR and has no real point. This leaves you with more questions to answer and the renegade hypnotic/political campaign manager sub-plot,

which seems to be suggestive of a deeper message, isn’t properly fleshed out, so the creepy final frame will fall flat. A word to the wise – obsession doesn’t always mean infatuation.

The lo-fi sci-fi film begins with Glenn stumbling into a stranger’s house after an unfortunate car accident in the rain. There, he meets Cindy and Art, a quirky married couple with a blunt air around him.

Nothing is off-limits from Art’s anti-depressant schedule to his scandalous way of meeting. It’s essentially an introvert’s worst nightmare as the couple quickly go back and forth while Glenn is still dripping wet in his kitchen.

This bizarre tableau sets an uneasy, unsteady tone where everything is very clearly a performance; Something terribly wrong is going on. As written by Conor Stichschulte, “ultrasound” is designed to be confusing, and it certainly confuses most of its runtime.

The film clearly intends to complicate such uncertainty, but the further it delves into mysterious sci-fi territory, the obvious is. The lack seems to be just as troubling. The revelations lead to further questions that only lead to additional semi-satisfactory answers,

Forcing anyone to try to make heads or tails—especially given that, a certain At the point, it becomes clear that the definite fact one wants so much would be insufficient to justify the willful ambiguity.

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Glenn and a pregnant Cindy are eventually seen living together in an apartment that, like the rest of the film’s details, feels every bit from another reality, such as the belly of another pregnant woman, Katie’s Size varies as to who has a relationship with a senator.

Everything seems to be connected to the goings-on in a non-narration facility run by Dr. Connors, whose psychological researcher, Shannon, with hypnosis using spoken dialogue by Glenn and Cindy makes use of it.

There are some promising glimpses here and there, flashes of sharp wit and clear ambition. But like a lot of movies, “Ultrasound” is better at setting up its story than delivering on its promise, as if the filmmakers were still pitching ideas in an elevator.

The first hour or so is a series of suspenseful scenes that hint – and keep hinting at – on the larger mystery of the story but don’t build to form a coherently unified (and included). The results are disappointing and fragmented.

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